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Tim Gough, director at Austin Winkley & Associates, is an AABC accredited conservation architect.

English Heritage and other public bodies have recently made it a condition that where they are funding conservation projects, the lead architect must be on the AABC register in order to ensure that appropriate skills are applied to conservation projects.

As well as pure conservation skills, we apply the following to projects in the historic environment:

  • project management skills, ie the delivery of the project on time, on cost and to the appropriate quality.  This is backed up by our membership of the Association for Project Management

  • cost control skills and experience.  Cost control is not an add-on; we regard it as a vital and integral part of the design service we offer.  All design solutions are tested for value, and control of costs is a paramount concern for us during the course of all our projects

  • health and safety skills and experience.  We are members of the Association for Project Safety, and commonly take on the role of Planning Supervisor for our projects