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There are two brief definitions of project management:

  • turning vision into reality

  • delivering a project on time, on budget, to the required quality

The first is the "soft" definition; the second the "hard" one.


We believe in both.


At the outset of the project, your vision of it as a client is key.  This vision may be explicit or implicit, broad or narrow, complex or simple...  What we do is to take that vision, gauge with you its feasibility, and work it up into a set of realisable proposals that generally incorporate creative architectural or interior design.  This principle applies to all projects, however large or small.



Once these proposals are established, the hard definition of project management kicks in: you want your agreed proposals delivered properly.  You do not want cost overruns.  You want your important time constraints respected.  And you want the right quality once the project is complete.


Our project management service manages these matters to try to ensure that time cost and quality are maintained.  We do not say that we will succeed; all construction projects are complex, involve many people interacting, and are constrained by a dense set of legal requirements.  But we undertake to manage the issues to try to ensure the correct outcome for you.



Our project management skills and experience are backed up by the APMP qualification, the RIBA Certificate in Project Management and our membership of the Association for Project Management