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Fees and Conditions

We either charge on a time basis, or calculate fees on the basis of the time we are likely to take on a project or consultancy.  Our hourly rate for the 2018/19 financial year is:

130.00 plus expenses charged at 6% of the fee, and VAT charged at the current rate.

We operate on a consultancy basis for all our projects; this means that you can commission us for a few hour's work if you wish; and on any project you can ask us to stop work at any time without being penalised.

To work out the likely cost of our fees relative to your total project cost, please see our guidance on fees which can be downloaded here .

We have our own clear and concise conditions of engagement to record the terms under which we work for you - please click here  to download thesePlease note that if you are a private individual then in addition to these conditions you have a cooling off period of 14 days during which you can decide to cancel the contract with us at no cost.


Fees for Expert Witness work

For Expert Witness work, our hourly rates are somewhat higher than this and we charge fees in advance.  Please enquire by email or phone if you wish to know more about this specialist aspect of our services.


General Company Information

Established as an architecture practice in 1987 by Austin Winkley

Incorporated as Austin Winkley and Associates Limited in 1995


Tim Gough MA(Cantab) Dip Arch  RIBA MAPM MAPS


Austin Winkley AA Dipl RIBA Dipl Conservation AA

The company offers the following services:

Architecture and creative design
Interior Design
Project Management
Client Design Advisor service
Planning Supervision
Cost Control
Conservation of the Historic Environment
Planning Advice
CAD Drawings
Contract Management
Landscape Design
Lighting Design
Accessibility Design and Access Audits
Sustainability Design
Condition Surveys of non-domestic buildings
Maintenance and repairs advice
Expert Witness

Project size: 5,000 to 5m

Professional Indemnity Insurances and Public Liability Insurances are maintained for the services carried out

Austin Winkley & Associates have completed some 75 construction projects over the last decade, plus around 100 additional consultancy projects in that time

References from past clients can be provided on request



Studio F

Whitacre Mews

Stannary Street

London SE11 4AB



tel      020 7820 9929

mb     07966 377609

fax      020 7820 8084

(please note: we do not take cold calls from firms or individuals trying to market services or products to us.  We are on a fax and telephone preference service indicating this)